Monday, February 27, 2006

Sun Tech Days 2006 (Singapore)

I had the chance to attend "Sun Tech Days 2006" at Raffles City, Singapore 22-23 Feb. I was impressed by how well the event was organized. Both days were packed with presentations having enough technical contents mixed with interesting tool/tech demos (Not to mention great catering, and generous free goodies).
The event was a great way to catch up with the latest Java Technologies in a very short time, and less effort. And it was free for students! I look forward to the next one. Kudos to Sun Microsystems.
NetBeans is getting better! Long ago I switched from NetBeans to other IDEs (IDEA, and then to Eclipse) but new version of NetBeans seems to have some cool features (integrated profiling for example) . I'm definitely going to give it a test drive. I hope they unify the NetBeans Product Line (Studio Creator, Studio Enterprise, etc.) into one IDE.
AJAX is hot, so is JSF! There was a lot of emphasis on AJAX and JSF (and some cool demos to go with it).
Oracle and SAP were also present to show how their applications support J2EE (now called JEE).


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