Sunday, March 12, 2006

How I improve my Software Engineering knowledge, while my wife chooses clothes...!

Recently (well sometime back, just didn't get around to blog it) I found a great way to productively use the time I'm forced to waste doing other, sometimes rather unpleasant, things (e.g., commuting, jogging, and of course, waiting for my wife to chooses clothes at clothing sales!). It's simple really: just download audio recordings (podcasts, as some call them) of interviews with various software 'guru's and listen to them on an MP3 player (I use the inbuilt MP3 player of my Motorola 680i). If anybody didn't know about this already, following are two great places to start:

Note: Many thanks to my friend and ex-colleague Harsha (at hSenid) for bringing podcasts to my attention


Blogger Himath said...

A good place for latest trends in Java

5:21 PM  
Anonymous GC said...

Well, u shd have told me earlier ;-p

9:46 PM  
Blogger Aj said...

time to get an ipod I would say :) I've been listening to podcasts while commuting for some time (thanks for the tip on two great podcast sites BTW)
If you are on windows or mac(unfortunately not for linux yet. not sure whether you can wine it) you can use iTunes to manage your podcasts which I think is very nice. Right now I have the auto sync mode enabled for podcasts and whenever I sit down I plug in the ipod. so whenever I pickup the ipod later it has all the latest podcasts are synched up.

4:12 AM  

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