Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quotes for software engineers

In the recent past I've been trying to compile a collection of quotes related to software engineering.

Why yet another collection of SE-related quotes? Well, none that's out there matched what exactly I wanted (either had too few/many quotes, or contained too many quotes that didn't agree with my views).

The result of my effort can be viewed at this page. If you have something to say about my quotes collection (for example, if you know of a quote I have missed), please use the "add comment" feature of this blog to do so.


Blogger Chris Loosley said...

[I posted a shorter version of this comment previously, but Blogger seems to have swallowed it!]

Anyway, welcome back to blogging Damith. I hope I do not have to wait another year to read your next post about software engineering.

This is an impressive collection of quotations. I also enjoy pithy sayings (or aphorisms). Lately I have been featuring some in "Wisdom" boxes associated with posts in my blog, Web Performance Matters.

Please feel free to copy any that you like to your own list.


2:55 PM  
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