Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Scott McNealy No Longer Runs the 'Joint'

Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems’ co-founder, CEO and chairman, yielded the position of chief executive at 5 pm Eastern time yesterday (24th April '06) after the announcement of a third-quarter loss of US$217 million despite a growth in revenues. McNealy will remain chairman of Sun. Jonathan Schwartz has taken over as the company’s CEO, leaving behind his previous position as Sun’s COO. He keeps his title of president.

“Twenty-two years I’ve been running this joint,” said McNealy in a conference call last evening, “and having a good time with it. I’d love to do that much more, but we’ve got a great guy here who I’ve been trying to get into this role for 10 years now.”

Above text quoted from: SDTimes newsletter
Official announcement from Sun
'Scott, you are a hero to us all' - Jonathan Schwartz


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